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One On One Coaching

Being professional and certified Parenting Coach, I provide mentoring (actually, I prefer to call it as “Mentoring”, rather than coaching). Since I have started it, I focus on the client’s complete satisfaction.

Also, my experience says that, each and every case is different than other cases. To understand all the aspects before providing guidance or counseling is important to get proper output.

That is why, I strongly believe on one to one coaching.

 It has some features, like –

Features of one to one coaching –

  • Personal Attention
  • Only one client at a time
  • 360 degree approach towards problem
  • Attentive towards every aspect of case

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How can I help you?

Building Connection

I am working in different capacities throughout my personal and professional life. I know the value and importance of building connections or what is called as networking. Being child psychologist, parenting coach, learner, practitioner, mentor, counselor, I trust on building connections with a large number of parents, children and different people. Through Parentingexpress24, I appeal you to be the part of my network.

Improving Efficiency

Efficiency of both children and parents is the area of concern. Parents need to have multi tasking with ultimate efficiency, whereas children need to have complete dedication, and efficiency with their tasks like learning, playing, etc. Most of the parents get worried about lack of concentration in their children. Parentingexpress24 provides the optimistic solution for improving an efficiency.

Managing Children

What do you think? Managing children is the most difficult task? Do you find it hectic, troublesome? Do you get worried, while managing your children? Now, forget all the worries, and make their management, very creative, happening, enjoyable and pleasurable. How? There comes the role of Parentingexpress24, which makes it easy because of it's scientific, unique approach towards parenting with different methodologies.

Restarting Career

Now a days, it is very much important, as well as crucial to live balanced life. A mother has to take a break from her career, during her pregnancy. In some cases, father too has to sacrifice in their career progress, due to pregnancy. We provide guidance regarding restarting, or preferably, relaunching careers of parents, make them mentally prepared to get settled in balanced manner.

Rediscovering Yourself

I always say that, "Parenting is like living entirely new life."During the journey of parenting, parents have to rediscover their way of living, and have to cope up with other internal as well as external factors. Parentingexpress24, helps the parents, and their children to rediscover themselves, their believes, nature and setting priorities. We make the journey of rediscovering, smooth and happening.

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