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About Us

What I Am?

I am Neha Gupta, an Engineer turned into professional psychologist, and the life parenting coach by passion. I am professional psychologist, who has pursued Masters in psychology. I am parenting coach, possessing expertise skills in parent – children relationships, and the conflicts regarding teenagers. I have put the goal in front of me, to make other’s lives happy and to help them achieve an inner peace. As a, strong believer of Karma, I started my journey towards achieving my mission, full heartedly.

So, basically, I am –

  • Certified parenting coach with 5 years of experience.
  • An Engineer turned into professional psychologist.
  • Passionate counsellor.
  • Child and teen psychologist.
  • A parent – children relationship builder.
  • Mentor for both children and their parents.
  • Successful trainer, providing guidance through workshops.

My Story

I have born and brought up in the well educated family from Delhi. As during my childhood and teenage, there were a limited options and awareness available as far as education is concerned, and an Engineering was one of the traditionally accepted field, I completed my Engineering. But, I was not satisfied and my inner inclination towards my passion, that is psychology was calling me.

I got married to Mr. Ashish Gupta in 2015. He was the one, who inspired me to make my dream come true and to work on my passion. Due to support of my family, I could complete my Masters in Psychology, after marriage. As, since childhood, I was surrounded by many kids, their parents and knew the hurdles or awkwardness occuring in parent-children relationship, I set a goal in front of myself to be parenting coach.

According to me, parenting is never ending process, which continues for lifetime. Not only kids, but adults too require parenting. So, as it is journey, the name Parentingexpress indicates, the journey…. 24,also has some significance.

Becoming a Mother

Let me tell you, I, myself delivered a baby On 24th June, 2017. So, on 24th, I myself started the journey of parenting. This was one of the reason, while the other reason was that, according to me, Parenting is on going process and profession, which needs to be carried out for 24 hours. Parenting is 24*7 process. So, the 24 is numerical representation of attentiveness, awareness, pro-activeness, assertiveness, patience, which is required to be carried out lifetime, for 24*7.

And this is how, Parentingexpress24 started…..

Stepping Ahead

Though, the life was smooth and without any hurdles, the rise in the number of parents worrying and suffering from unhealthy parent – children relationship, was really frightening me. As, I have been raised in liberal but responsible family, I was expecting the same in our society. But, as I started experiencing something different, it shocked me, and that became the life changing moment for me. By nature, I am social, extrovert, considerated person. So, I can relate with other’s problems and can understand both heads.

Being calm minded, having cool temperament is my biggest asset, which helps a lot in my field. I am a good listener, so that, I can listen to the sayings of both parents and their children without any prejudices. In fact, from starting of my career, I am dreaming about healthy generation gap, utilising energetic approach of youth and stable, patient approach of experienced elders.

So, I decided to be the active parenting coach. This is how, the journey began. Here are some points, which turned as Key Decision Makers, or in simple terms, USP for me….

  • Identification of cool temperament and calm nature.
  • Unbiased mindset and zero prejudices
  • Healthy communication with all Generations like Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z.
  • Considerable and relating approach.
  • Concern about increasing problems in parent-children relationships.

The dimensions of Parentingexpress

Parentingexpress, is the helping hand, the mentorship to minimize the hurdles between parents and their children (kids or teenagers). But, we are not working in the limited scope. It is our unique approach towards the peaceful life, which makes the difference between the psychiatrist and parentingexpress.

We provide following kinds of services for both parents as well as kids –

1) Counselling & Mantoring

2) Sessions with psychological techniques

3) Academics for Kids –

  • Phonics
  • Grammar
  • Public Speaking
  • Personality Development
  • Lifestyle

We have a set of tools, techniques and methodologies, used to improve and develop academic abilities among kids. The scientific models and cutting edge technologies, make the process more interesting.

Being certified trainer in the “Kids Development and Parenting” domain, I proudly claim to know the every nut and bolt of the parent-children & teenage relationships. I have keenly observed that, the main area of concern of every parent is lack of stability, and lack of interest towards academic in their children. So, the Parentingexpress, relaxes parents by improving childrens’ interest towards academic by making the process of learning, more engaging, more happening and more interesting.

We have a range of material, instruments, devices, tools, which are helpful for the child in any age, from 0 to 16. So, the academic progress is not the area of concern for the child, registered in Parentingexpress. Our activity-based learning approach to child’s academics made it possible to provide free activity books, E-books and workbooks for children. The learn with fun approach is the root of this concept.

Message for the Parents

Being a child psychologist, parenting coach, and most importantly, a parent by myself, I must say, parenting is a journey of ups and downs. First of all, enjoy the journey, process as it is. It teaches you lots of things. Keeping considerable approach, open to communicate and keeping your parental ego away from yourself is the success mantra, which will make you proud as parent, and make your children feel proud about you. So, take a part in this journey, actively and enjoy it….

My Vision

To provide a helping hand to the parents and their children, to establish a strong and healthy relationship and to achieve an inner peace. My vision is to make the journey of parenting smoother, interactive and happening, by creating an awareness among both parents and children. Providing proper direction to the confused minds of teenagers and channeling their energy to build the stronger relationship between parents and kids. To introduce a collaborative, participative  and integrated approach in the journey of parenting.

Visionary statement of Parentingexpress24, is client centric, putting emphasis on complete satisfaction of my client.

The Final Words

Yes, we know, parenting is not an on the go task. It requires dedication, patience, creativity, integrity, but still, it may feel like being lost, exhausted and sometimes, helpless. We, at patentingexpress provide the helping hand to both the parents, and their children, to make the journey towards heathy and happy relationship more comfortable. We educate parents regarding parenting and make them to feel proud about their children. We are not limited to the parenting, but we care for development of your child from different aspects. So, overall lingistic, personal development of children really make a difference.

We will be obliged, making you a part of our journey. We want you to witness the dynamic changes between your kids’ behaviour, as well as changes in your parenting styles. Making every moment of parenting, count and memorable is our objective. So, forget ups and downs in parenting, Parentingexpress is there for you, with you….

The Note of thanks

As I look towards parenting as a journey, I must say thanks to each and everyone, who contributed by any way, to make this journey, more comfortable, more happening, smoother and optimistic.

I must start with thanking my parents, who defined the word “parenting” to me, who set a role model regarding parenting. It is needless to say, my parents are the pioneer of “Parentingexpress24″…

Now, I want to say thanks from my deep of my heart, to my better half, Mr. Ashish Gupta, who made it possible to fulfil my dream. In fact, who made my dream clear and reachable. Without whose support, It was very difficult to complete my masters in Psychology after marriage. Also, I want tooffer my formal thanks to all of my relatives, family members, wellvwishers, who witnessed and contributed in my journey.

Then, it is the turn of all of my clients, that is all of parents and their children, who provided me an opportunity to be a helping hand for them. It is true that, each and every case has taught me something new, brought something new from me. I will say them, co-travellers of my journey and really thankfull to them.

And last, but not the least, I am genuinely thankful to my son, who made me considerable, who made me to sit on the other chair, and who made my transformation from a lady to “MOTHER”.