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Hi, I am Neha Gupta, 

An Engineer turned into professional psychologist, and the life parenting coach by passion. I am professional psychologist, who has pursued Masters in psychology. I am parenting coach, possessing expertise skills in parent – children relationships, and the conflicts regarding teenagers. I have put the goal in front of me, to make other’s lives happy and to help them achieve an inner peace. As a, strong believer of Karma, I started my journey towards achieving my mission, full heartedly.

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Parentingexpress24 is always there to provide you a helping hand, and to strengthen the bond between parents and their children. Parentingexpress24, is proud to state that, we have a large number of 100% satisfied clients, who are extremely happy and having enhanced, parent-children relationship.

Now, we are having a network of professional clients, who have availed or are availing the services from us. It is my genuine and the appeal from the deep of my heart that, join my community to get informed about parenting, new ideas and trends, which are making parent – children relationship to grow in inclusive manner.

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Our Core Values



It is important, to teach the parents, how to do parenting, without any influence or prejudices. Overprotectiveness or ignorance should be avoided. Modern tools and techniques of parenting are taught here.

Teaching responsibility

To enhance the feeling of responsibility among children, the parents should be responsible by themselves. The responsibility comes with reliability, responsiveness. Parentingexpress24, encourages an inner feeling of responsibility.


Discipline in proper manner is very essential, for both parents and children. It is the question of the millennium, in front of parents that, how to make their children disciplined? And they get the answer here

Think, Believe and Act. You have more POWER than you THINK.

Achieve ultimate spirituality through healthy and peaceful life

In today's era, it is very important, to live peaceful, reviving life with balanced mindset. The holistic approach towards life encourages to achieve health, wealth, prosperity, peace, and ultimately, self-esteem. As, today's hectic lifestyle makes it easy to live, but equally difficult to live with prosperity, and dignity, one needs helping hand at every stage of life. Psychologist, with extensive 5 years of experience makes me capable to grab the nerve of the problem and to make other's lives, happy. Yes, that is my mission.

Our Vision

To Provide A Platform To a Parents Where They Can Understand Their Kids Better

Our Mission

To Help Parents a New Generation of Child Who Are Healthy,Successfull And Well-adjusted

What do I do?



Being proud and successful mother since 2017, I am parenting influencer, having great network on social media. I am happy to share my experiences, thoughts with parents and children, through different resources.


I work as "friend, philosopher and guide" for parents and children. Parenting Coaching is an integrated process of sessions, counselling. I work as lubricant to make the parent-children relationship smoother.

My Digital School

An innovative, revolutionary concept in academic field. I provide guidance to kids regarding language, personality development, phonics, grammar. My Digital School is the online kid's education platform.

Boosting Your Child's

In today's era, child's overall and inclusive development is an important thing, to be considered, than that of only academic development. I, at Parentingexpress24, put an emphasis on the same.

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Our Coach

I am Neha Gupta, psychologist by profession, but the life parenting coach by passion.
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Think, Believe and Act. You have more POWER than you THINK.
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